Thursday, July 15, 2010

Kitchen Cosmetics For Beauty

Look Good, Save Money, Be Healthy – read on . . . . .

Making your own kitchen cosmetics saves you time, energy and money on seeking appropriate skin and hair care products. Just visit your pantry or fridge rather than an department store.
Using foods such as fruits, grains and vegetation for beauty are most beneficial in their raw state
Plus you don't get the carcinogenic actions from the additives, preservatives, thickeners, colourants.  (More explained on another page of this web site about dangerous additives that are put into commercial beauty products).
And my research has revealed that a fifty dollar bottle of firming face cream can have as little as fifty cents worth of ingredients.  Its the beautiful box, bottle and brand name you pay for.

Its satisfying and fun when you can create and make your own natural beauty products, experimenting around with ingredients and recipes, going through the process of what works for your skin. And when you get really involved you can have a 'Worship You Day', meaning – make it a customary habit of having home spa rituals whether it be solitary or with a group of friends.
And for all you mothers out there or people who have had a really hard day / week – why not owe it to yourself, it wont cost you anything except  time for a good old bath soak and body treatment.
The information on this topic though out the pages of this site is only according to my research, (that I have enjoyed doing immensely).  How ever I am open to the opinions of others, correction and continual learning.
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